Scott Mauldin

Executive Producer & Director

Scott Mauldin is an Emmy Award® winning video director and producer, a veteran journalist and a video marketing expert with more than 20-years experience in the fields of broadcast news and corporate video production. He is the lead client manager for regional and national video production projects. Honored with some of the industry’s major awards, Scott was also named as a Top 40 Under 40 Birmingham business leader and he has received the Social Security Administration’s Community Service Award. He participates with several regional non-profit organizations, serving on the Boards of two. Scott has provided state-level advocacy for public school programs aimed at journalism, video editing and graphics arts. Scott founded Vulcan Media with two supporting partners, in 2008. The organization has grown to be one of the most respected video production companies in the Southeast. Scott and his family live in Birmingham, where he enjoys collecting antique cars, woodworking, travel and his dogs.

Catenya McHenry

Special Projects Producer

Catenya McHenry is a veteran television journalist and her work with Vulcan Media delivers a skill-set straight out of major broadcast news divisions – that of Special Projects. These are unique, long-form video productions that require strategic planning, material review, research and in-depth writing. Her specialties include creative concepts, corporate marketing, media relations, on-air hosting and she produces her own television content focused on children’s health and community enhancements. Catenya also devotes time to teaching college students, participating in school events and promoting non-profit organizations across Alabama.

Leigh Anne Bishop

Producer & Director

Leigh Anne Bishop is a broadcast television authority delivering global experience as a Producer & Director. Her work includes corporate marketing video, documentary video and video production projects about the arts and education. She has been Producer and Director of national Emmy Award® winning video projects. From the North Pole, to Antarctica, the United Nations to the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, her work on video productions about environmental polar exploration and experiments has paired her with some of the world’s leading authorities on climate change. Leigh Anne has also produced corporate marketing programs for brands including Liz Claiborne, Kate Spade, Lucky Jeans and Juicy Couture. As a proud mother, Leigh Anne has made a point of working with students on multi-national film projects and by contributing video production for historical and educational organizations, plus working to highlight the local-to-global impact of environmental projects.

Neil Abbott


Neil Abbott has countless credits for network news and entertainment videography, along with extensive corporate video marketing work. Viewers of national news coverage have seen his camera skills, network sports coverage and he has wide-ranging experience with reality and entertainment television programs. With Vulcan Media, Neil has focused his experience on corporate video production, location management and he excels at crew leadership. As a strong communicator, Neil often receives well-deserved recognition from clients, for his professional guidance and creativity on video productions. He has been an outstanding mentor to young professionals and student interns who express their interest in video production.

Brack Bradley

Videographer & Aerial Drone Pilot

Brack Bradley’s credit list reads like TV Guide! As a veteran television videographer, Brack brings expert, broadcast-quality production skills to Vulcan Media. You have literally seen his work if you’ve turned on a television anywhere in the U.S. From reality shows and lifestyle programming to documentary and entertainment content, Brack has been trusted by major video and film production crews around the world. In addition, he is an FAA Certified Operator of aerial drone equipment. A proven pro, Brack excels at directing, developing visual concepts and delivering world-class results. He gives back to the community through working with non-profit organizations, school groups and mentoring young people as they enter the video production workforce.

Chip Burns

Videographer & Editor

Chip Burns delivers international talent as a videographer and video editor. His work, in collaboration with some of the premier regional production groups, is driven by his management-level experience and outstanding creativity. Chip provides a wide range of talent including videography, high-end video editing and post-production. His skills include managing video crews, directing video production, authoring DVDs as well as his complete knowledge of video production and professional video lighting. He makes time to contribute work to church and charity events, while supporting local school activities and raising a family.

Jacob Cantrell

Videographer & Aerial Drone Pilot

Jacob Cantrell brings a unique skill-set to Vulcan Media. His Degree in Marketing, combined with outstanding talent as a videographer, enhances his creative visual approach to video production projects. Plus, he takes our projects to the skies. As an FAA Certified Operator of aerial drone equipment, Jacob is an expert in drone video and photography. His work with drones and traditional videography have been featured in regional and national projects. As with every one of our team members, Jacob takes time to give back to our community by lending his skills and services to non profit groups and by assisting recent college graduates with networking opportunities in our professional field.

Chris Humphreys

Motion Graphics Designer

Chris Humphreys brings management-level talent and TV news roots to Vulcan Media. His career experience has included leading promotion and production for television stations and college institutions. He has international experience as a videographer, national exposure as an editor and as a graphics designer. His specialties include high-end motion graphics, video editing and photography. Together with his wife and children, Chris contributes work to educational events, church activities and often provides work for non-profit organizations as a way to give back to the community.

Ben Traylor

Videographer & Editor

Ben Traylor is a national network television videographer and editor, and a founder of Vulcan Media. He helped create the business model of combining TV broadcast efficiency with corporate video production. With over 20-years in the business, Ben now services clients in metro-Atlanta, while continuing to freelance for network news and sports crews.