Planning to Finished: Guide to the Video Production Process at Vulcan Media

STEP 1: Planning
Make a thorough “outline,” or “wish list,” of your overall video content. In this step, include:
• A general “thesis statement.” Give us a clear picture of what you want to achieve.
• List topics to be included in your video
• People who will speak on camera, if any
• Notes about key points you want to make
• Visual elements to be included, such as locations, products or processes
• Don’t worry too much about organization right now – we’ll help you once we see the big picture

STEP 2: Meeting
We’d like to meet face-to-face, and see key locations for filming. A conference call can work, too. In this step, we:
• Review your outline and offer input
• Discuss strategic goals, visual approach and basic technical items
• Discuss production dates, scripting or shot lists and other next steps

STEP 3: Preparing
This is when we work together to prepare the strategy and finalize key details. In this step we will jointly:
• Write a script or write interview questions: YOU send us your ideas, we shape them
• Our team will create a shot list of items/elements/people to be filmed
• We will work with you to finalize the script (if applicable), and planning details for the shoot
• For fully scripted projects, you must review, edit and FINALIZE the script in this phase

STEP 4: Gathering
There are items you can gather and provide to us. In this step, send us:
• Your logo (any format such as .jpg or .png is fine, in the highest resolution you have)
• Photos, existing video, PowerPoint slides or graphical material to be included, if any
• Disclaimers or other printed statements which need to be included in your video
• You can create a shoot-day schedule (assign times for the people to be filmed)
-On shoot-day, we prefer to shoot on camera speaking parts first
-When making a schedule for people to speak on camera, allow 1 hour per person, or ask us for guidance

STEP 5: Shooting
On shoot day, here are some tips and required needs:
• In advance, we will agree on an arrival time for our crew
• You must provide and instruct us about parking and building entry (loading dock, front door, etc.)
• We’d like an area to use as an equipment staging room, in order to avoid trip hazards in public walkways
• In advance, we will set an official “roll tape time,” when actual filming will begin

STEP 6: Editing
This is where most of our work happens. In this step, we will:
• Ingest the raw video to our computers
• Review, log and select sound bites, if applicable
• Select music & record a voice-over narrator of your script, if applicable
• Edit your project, including audio/video enhancements
• Format the video & prepare your first draft — and then send it as a password-protected web link
• We can send you a Revision Tip Sheet, as a guide for defining and explaining changes you’d like

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