Video Revision Process for Vulcan Media

Our top priority is for you to be proud of how your organization looks & sounds in your video content.
Our revision process is honest & open. It’s our goal to create a close relationship, to share ideas, offer feedback and to provide meaningful assistance through the revision process. Call us anytime for guidance!

Technical Tips:
We’ll send your Draft video as a password-protected Internet link. Feel free to share the link(s) with your team.
• Go to the Web Link we provide and enter the Password we provide — then press Play
• The screen will show you a Play & Pause button when you place your mouse on the video
• The Play/Pause feature displays a “Time Code,” showing you where you are in the video
-Example: When you hit Pause, and see 1:45, you are at 1-minute 45-seconds in the video
• Use the Time Code to note where changes are to be made (don’t worry if you’re off by a few seconds)

Revisions are made easiest when you send us a revision punch-list. Here are the steps:

Revision Round 1:
• Aim for major changes in this round — list what is to be cut or added & any major visual or audio changes
• Using the Play/Pause button, watch your video and hit Pause at a spot you’d like changed
• Jot down the Time Code of where the change is to be made
• Write a brief description of what you’d like changed (or a note saying what you dislike)
• In sound bites (spoken remarks) tell us what to omit or move to another spot
• If narrated, ensure that the script you previously approved is read correctly
• Check spellings of written material such as names & titles
• Ensure you can hear the people, the narrator and the music at appropriate levels
• Consider length of the video — decide what needs to be trimmed (feel free to call and discuss with us)
• Once your revision list is complete, email it to your Vulcan Media contact

Revision Round 2:
• Check to ensure the first major revisions were all made correctly
• Aim for detail changes & polish in this round
• List any camera shot or image you’d like replaced, swapped or altered
• Check spellings, graphics and your logo for accuracy
• Check overall length — at this phase, length should be nearly final — if too long, decide what gets cut
• List other changes to be made
• Feel free to call us at this stage, to ask questions or get advice
• Once your revision list is complete, email it to your Vulcan Media contact

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